Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Do you buy our accounts receivable (invoices)?
A: Yes, That is exactly what we do. We do not lend you the money, we make an Out-right purchase of the financial rights to the invoices at the time of billing.

Q: Do we bill on our letterhead or yours?
A: You continue to bill normally. Checks may be made payable to you, but mailed to our address.

Q: What is my customers/clients reaction when I sell my Receivable/invoice?
A: Your client will realize that you are undergoing rapid growth and need capital to maintain quality of your product or service. Selling your receivables is similar to a line of credit. Selling accounts receivable is a respected business practice.

Q: What are your requirements for buying an Invoice?
A: The work or service must have been completed, delivered, and accepted. Also, your client must be a credit-worthy risk.

Q: What are some of the things that are not required of me?
A: We do not require an audit of your books or proof of profitability. We don’t require long term contracts and don’t require that you have impeccable credit.

Q: Can we qualify with a history of credit problems such as bankruptcy, IRS liens or judgments?
A: Yes! We are experienced in making arrangements with the IRS or the courts. Issues with personal credit are not issues for us.

Q: Can we qualify even if we are just starting in business and have no credit history?
A: Yes you can, if you have creditworthy customers.

Q: What will it cost me?
A: We work to cater our pricing to each individual situation. Our costs are based on industry risks as well as the risks associated with your payment structure with your clients.

Q: What type of receivables do you buy?
A: We buy just about any valid receivable for a service performed or a product delivered to any Business or Governmental entity.

Q: Can you give me an example of how it works?
A: You have completed the work and delivered the goods or service and you are ready to invoice your client. The amount of the invoice can be as little as $100 or as much as $1 million dollars. We are willing to handle any amount. Contact us by phone or fax to let us know the amount of the invoice you wish to turn into immediate cash. We process the invoice within 24 hours, and many times, less than that. When we have verified the invoice, and it has been assigned to Affiliated Funding Corp. we immediately wire or overnight the Advance (60% to 85% of the invoice) to you. When we receive full payment from your client, we immediately send the remaining funds, less our fee to you. We do not get paid until the invoice is paid, it's that simple.

Q: What is the smallest invoice you will accept?
A: We have some clients that send multiple invoices ranging from $25 to $1000. We do not mind multiple invoices.

Q: What is the largest invoice you will accept?
A: You name the amount 1, 2, 3, 4 million dollars. There is no top end. We are in business to service any size business.

Q: Do I have to sell my future receivables to you?
A: NO. Sell us one invoice to see if the service works for you. If you like it, continue; if not, walk away. Later, if you need our service you are already established as our client and are ready to go.

Q: Are there any geographical restrictions to your service?
A: We will buy invoices of any creditworthy business or government agency in the USA. International receivables may require special arrangements.

Q: Will factoring be good for my business?
A: Receivables financing has helped thousands of businesses. We at Affiliated Funding Corp. help your business to GROW without getting involved in your day-to-day business.

Q: Is it easy to get started???
A: ALL IT TAKES IS A PHONE CALL to 801-733-7565 or 800-809-6683 outside of Utah.


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