Why use Affiliated Funding Corp?

We provide quick opening of accounts, usually within 5-7 business days. We specialize in companies that were previously ignored by the banking industry. Multiple invoices are welcome.

  • No minimum or maximum invoice size.
  • No minimum volume requirements.
  • You select the customers and invoices.
  • No hidden or surprise fees
  • Pick & choose any customer or invoice, with no obligation to factor all of your invoices

We are the funding source, not the Broker!

You personally work with our in-house account executives and enjoy a "one-on-one" relationship.

Affiliated Funding offers next day funding for most invoices after the initial 5-7 day account set- up. Reserves are forwarded immediately upon collection.

We can fund almost any business, and require no obligation for volume, number of invoices, or term contracts. THE PROCESS IS SIMPLE... AND QUICK!!!

You simply begin by filling out a client application, which asks brief questions about your company. Our due diligence begins when the application is submitted along with required documentation. We will review the information, and then make you a proposal. If we agree to terms, we will go to Contract.

After the contract is signed, the "credit line" is open. It is that simple. Now you can sell your invoices (factor) any time you desire, without obligation.

Need REFERENCES??? We can provide the names and phone numbers of references upon request.



why use affiliated funding corp